Compressed Air Hose Safety

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Air is used in many day to day applications and can be one of the most hazardous forms of energy. When it is mismanaged it can result in more severe consequences than fluids.

When compressed air discharges suddenly it does so with huge explosive power and can cause an unexpected and rapid hose whip which can inflict serious bodily harm or damage nearby objects.

This is why when selecting a rubber or PVC hose for a compressed air application it is extremely vital that the correct fittings, clamps and hose are used, they are installed correctly and that the hose assembly is regularly maintained. Never assume that the fitting and clamp is coupled properly or that the clamps are correctly tightened – check them regularly and use the required safety devices.

Hose Restraints and Whip Checks are recommended for all compressed air applications call 1300 852 795 to discuss your application today.

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