Steam Hose Assemblies – Essential Steps for Safety

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One of our goals at Fox Global is to help our customers operate in the safest, most efficient ways possible. Here are some essential steps for the safe utilization of steam hose.

First, the full length of the hose should be visually inspected for blistering, excessive abrasion or cuts, and coupling slippage. Cuts in the hose cover that expose or damage the reinforcement are cause for replacement, as are damage to the textile reinforcement or wire braid through abrasion and blistering or loosening of the outer cover. Evidence of coupling slippage includes misalignment of the hose and/or the scored or exposed areas where slippage has occurred. Slippage calls for hose replacement or recoupling and retesting.

If none of the previous problems have been found, the hose should then be connected to a suitable test pump. After water is introduced into the hose, examine it for leaks (especially near the couplings) and any bulging or swollen areas. Any hose with leaks or bulging spots should be replaced, or the affected area cut off and the hose recoupled.

Please keep the following in mind when utilizing steam hose:

  1. A failure in service can result in injury to personnel or damage to property. Do not use at temperatures or pressures above those recommended by the manufacturer.
  2. Hose and couplings are hot while in use. Steam is a very hazardous material. At low pressure, it can cause severe scalding. At high pressures, it can cause burns which may be fatal.

Selecting a steam hose

Proper hose selection includes:

  • selecting a hose identified as steam hose construction.
  • providing steam hose identification in the form of permanent branding on the hose’s outer cover, not just the package.
  • identification of the type of service the steam hose is to accomplish.
  • is the hose manually handled?
  • anticipating the frequency of use.
  • taking into account the actual pressure of the steam service.
  • checking if the hose is subject to pressure surges or peaks
  • taking into account the temperature of the steam.
  • taking into account whether the steam is saturated (wet) or super-heated (dry).
  • taking into account environmental factors to which the hose cover may be exposed.
  • recognising potential spillage or accumulations of corrosive or petroleum-based products may have deteriorative effects on a hose cover.

WARNING: Exposure to steam is hazardous!

If not properly controlled, steam can cause serious bodily injury or death and property damage. Steam hoses must be properly selected, coupled, tested, installed, used, and maintained.

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