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Our range of flexible stainless steel hose is suitable for use with both liquids and gases in a variety of intensive applications.
Friday afternoon one of our clients contacted us requiring an urgent valve replacement. With the plant awaiting a overhaul approval there are still numerous valves that are considerably aged and unidentified. With a few quick phones with the plant engineer to discuss the operation requirements & dimensions of the valve we were able to come up with a solution to replace the existing unit.
Tight bends on hoses will ultimately create greater wear & stress points on the hose assembly. Selecting the correct fitting to suit the application will extend the life of the hose and reduce the chance of failure.
Rubber & PVC Suction Hose Travis & Camlock Fittings Quick Acting Gate Valves Turbo Nozzles & Unloader Valves Vacuum & Pressure Gauges
The all new Fox Global heavy duty construction site stand pipe is a must for all permanent and temporary civil and mining applications.
The bend radius (r) is the radius of the arc through which a hose is bent the minimum bend radius is the tightest arc in which a hose is bent without kinking or otherwise damaging the hose. As rule-of-thumb the bend radius is a follows:
Compressed air is not just ordinary air. It is a concentrated stream of high-pressurized air that can cause serious harm or injury. In cases where compressed air is blown in under the skin, an embolism can occur and lead to fatality.
At Fox Global our quality range of Solenoid Valves provide an effective solution for actuated valve requirements in chemical, corrosive and high temperature applications.
Fox Global’s range of quality industrial hose and fittings are suitable for heavy duty mining applications such as dredging, slurry and materials handling. As specialists, we custom construct application specific heavy duty rubber hoses in consultation with engineers and designers who understand the rigors that hose is subject to in the field.
One of our goals at Fox Global is to help our customers operate in the safest, most efficient ways possible. Here are some essential steps for the safe utilization of steam hose.

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