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2 1/2 inch (65mm) Code 966 Composite Hose assemblies heading to a logistics company specialising in the transportation and storage of wax.
2″ (50mm) Flanged Bronze Globe Valves drilled to Table E heading out for installation on a steam line at a pet food production facility on the outskirts of Sydney.
Fox Global offer a complete range of shouldered pipe fittings, as well as adaptors from shouldered to roll grooved, BSP and Flanged.
2” (50mm) Buttweld Stainless Steel Figure 250 Hygienic Butterfly Valves heading out to a bakery in Sydney for a processing line upgrade.
Chiksan swivels are the most long-lasting and rugged swivel joints on the market today. Chiksan swivel joints are metal pipe fittings with integral ball-bearing swivels. Chiksan swivel joints are pressure rated in Ductile Iron to 750 psi, Carbon Steel to 1000 or 6000 psi, and up to 20,000 psi with the Triple Step Swivel Joint.
4″ (100mm) Table E Cast Iron Ball Check Valves heading out for installation on a line.

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