Bandit Clamps & Tools

Stainless Steel Band-Clamp Strapping

30m rolls. Type 201 stainless steel.
BCSB-140001/4″ (6mm)  (Qty 30 Meters)
BCSB-140013/8″ (10mm)  (Qty 30m)
BCSB-140021/2″ (12mm)  (Qty 30m)
BCSB-140035/8″ (16mm)  (Qty 30m)
BCSB-140043/4″ (19mm)  (Qty 30m)

Preform Bandit Clamp

201 Stainless Steel 19.1mm Band x 0.76mm Thick.
BCPR-05151 x 19mm
BCPR-06969 x 19mm 
BCPR-07676 x 19mm 
BCPR-08888 x 19mm 
BCPR-101101 x 19mm 
BCPR-114114 x 19mm 
BCPR-127127 x 19mm 
BCPR-139139.7 x 19mm 
BCPR-165165 x 19mm 
BCPR-177177 x 19mm 
BCPR-203203 x 19mm 
BCPR-228228 x 19mm 

Band-Clamp Centre Punch Tool

Designed for use with Centre Punch Clamps.
BCCP-15000Band-Clamp Centre Punch Tool

Preform Centre Punch Clamp

Type 201 stainless steel locked with a standard conical punch to ensure a strong lock.
BCCP-025 25 x 16mm 
BCCP-03232 x 16mm 
BCCP-03838 x 16mm 
BCCP-04444 x 16mm 
BCCP-05151 x 16mm 
BCCP-05757 x 16mm 
BCCP-06464 x 16mm 
BCCP-07171 x 16mm 
BCCP-07676 x 16mm 
BCCP-08989 x 16mm 
BCCP-102102 x 16mm 
BCCP-114114 x 16mm 
BCCP-127127 x 16mm 
BCCP-152152 x 16mm 
BCCP-165165 x 16mm 
BCCP-178178 x 16mm 
BCCP-203203 x 16mm 

Band-Clamp System (Inc Band-Clamp Tool, Strapping & Buckles)

Includes Band-Clamp tool, 30m strapping and 100 buckles.
BCSK-110001/4″ (6mm) 
BCSK-110013/8″ (10mm) 
BCSK-110021/2″ (12mm) 
BCSK-110035/8″ (16mm) 
BCSK-110043/4″ (19mm) 

Heavy Duty Band-Clamp Tool

Tensioning capability of over 2,400 lbs, with a built-in cutter. The Band-Clamp tool is used to apply Band-Clamp bands and buckles, strapping and free-end clamps
BCGT-12000Heavy Duty Band-Clamp Tool