Hose Tails

Aluminium Muff Coupling Fittings

Aluminium Muff Coupling Fittings with Table E Flange.
AMCF-0753″ (75mm) 
AMCF-1004″ (100mm) 
AMCF-1506″ (150mm) 
AMCF-2008″ (200mm) 
AMCF-25010″ (250mm) 
AMCF-30012″ (300mm) 

Galvinised Flanged Hose Tail

Galvanized Flanged Hose Tail Table E.
GVFHT-0753″ (75mm) 
GVFHT-1004″ (100mm) 
GVFHT-1255″ (125mm) 
GVFHT-1506″ (150mm) 
GVFHT-2008″ (200mm) 
GVFHT-25010″ (250mm) 
GVFHT-30012″ (300mm) 

Black Steel Weld On Hose Tails

Black Steel Weld on Hose Tail.
BSHT-0183/4″ (18mm) 
BSHT-0251″ (25mm) 
BSHT-0321 1/4″ (32mm) 
BSHT-0381 1/2″ (38mm) 
BSHT-0502″ (50mm) 
BSHT-0652 1/2″ (65mm) 
BSHT-0753″ (75mm) 
BSHT-1004″ (100mm) 
BSHT-1255″ (125mm) 
BSHT-1506″ (150mm) 
BSHT-2008″ (200mm) 

Plated Steel Combination Nipple with BSP Thread

Plated Steel Combination Nipple with BSP Thread.
CNBT-0121/2″ (12mm) 
CNBT-0183/4″ (18mm) 
CNBT-0251″ (25mm) 
CNBT-0321 1/4″ (32mm) 
CNBT-0381 1/2″ (38mm) 
CNBT-0502″ (50mm) 
CNBT-0652 1/2″ (65mm) 
CNBT-0753″ (75mm) 
CNBT-1004″ (100mm) 
CNBT-1255″ (125mm) 
CNBT-1506″ (150mm) 
CNBT-2008″ (200mm) 

Plated Steel Hose Joiner

Plated Steel Hose Joiner.
PSHJ-0121/2″ (12mm)
PSHJ-0183/4″ (18mm)
PSHJ-0251″ (25mm)
PSHJ-0321 1/4″ (32mm)
PSHJ-0381 1/2″ (38mm)
PSHJ-0502″ (50mm)
PSHJ-0652 1/2″ (65mm)
PSHJ-0753″ (75mm)
PSHJ-1004″ (100mm)
PSHJ-1506″ (150mm)
PSHJ-2008″ (200mm)