Nozzles & Reeling Equipment

Poly Tank

Dispensing kit consists of a heavy duty 12V diesel fuel pump capable of delivering up to 49LPM 3 metre antistatic fuel delivery hose. 4.6 metre battery cables and automatic nozzle.
ALFT-110150200L, GPI 12V M150SA,
Auto Noz, 49LPM
ALFT-110151400L, GPI 12V M150SA,
Auto Noz, 49LPM
ALFT-110152600L, GPI 12V M150SA,
Auto Noz, 49LPM

Diesel Electric Pump Kit

Economy kit includes electric pump, 4m x 3/4” anti static fuel outlet hose, 2 metres of electric cable and clamps, aluminium manual nozzle, filter/strainer & connections.
ALFP-11016012V, 50LPM
ALFP-11016124V, 50LPM

Intelligent Tank Pump

Pump body in cast iron with anticorrosion treatment. Vane type pump with sintered steel rotor and acetalic resin vanes. IN/OUT with hose tail connection, flexible for different customised solutions. DC brushes motor with permanent magnets. Protection IP55. C
ALFP-11017012V 40LPM
ALFP-11017124V 60LPM

high pressure hose reel

High Pressure Jetting Hose Reel with Mounting Plate.
HPHR-06801/4″ (6mm) x 80m
HPHR-06121/4″ (6mm) x 120m
HPHR-08803/8″ (8mm) x 80m
HPHR-08123/8″ (8mm) x 120m

Gen III Air/Water Series Retractable Hose Reel with Hose

Retractable Hose Reel with Hose, suited to workshop and civil applications.
RCHR-10203/8″ (10mm) x 20m 
RCHR-12181/2″ (12mm) x18m

Diesel, Air and Water Spring Rewind Hose Reel

Reinforced steel frame provides maximum strength & stability. Maximum working pressure of 300psi (20bar). Reliable spring life and positive ratchet lock design ensures a long working life. Can be mounted on the floor, wall or ceiling.
ALHR-1100201/2″ (12mm) Hose x 30m 
ALHR-1100211/2″ (12mm) Hose x 25m 
ALHR-1100223/4″ (19mm) Hose x 12m 
ALHR-1100231″ (25mm) Hose x 15m 
ALHR-1100241″ (25mm) Hose x 30m 

Spring Rewind Air Hose Reel

Impact resistant UV stabilised covers. Automatic and positive latching mechanism. New hybrid polymer hose is more flexible, easier to handle and longer lasting. Adjustable spring tension.
ALHR-1100303/8″ (10mm) Hose x 18m
ALHR-1100311/2″ (12mm) Hose x 15m

Spring Rewind Water Hose Reel

Impact resistant UV stabilised covers. Automatic and positive latching mechanism. Detachable steel mounting bracket enables 180° hose reel rotation. Adjustable spring tension
ALHR-1100403/8″ (10mm) Hose x 16m
ALHR-1100411/2″ (12mm) Hose x 13m

Spring Rewind Garden Water Hose Reel

Impact resistant UV stabilised covers for maximum durability. Automatic and positive latching mechanism. Inlet: 3/4” BSPT, Outlet: hose quick connector with nozzle. High flow swivel and fluid path.
ALHR-1100501/2″ (12mm) Hose x 16m

Spring Rewind HOT Wash Hose Reel

Increase safety by reducing rewind speed by up to 80%. High quality impact and UV resistant polypropylene covers. 3/8” BSPT inlet/outlet. Temperature range from -40°C to +60°C.
ALHR-1100603/8″ (10mm) Hose x 12m