Nozzles & Reeling Equipment

Poly Tank

Dispensing kit consists of a heavy duty 12V diesel fuel pump capable of delivering up to 49LPM 3 metre antistatic fuel delivery hose. 4.6 metre battery cables and automatic nozzle.
ALFT-110150200L, GPI 12V M150SA,
Auto Noz, 49LPM
ALFT-110151400L, GPI 12V M150SA,
Auto Noz, 49LPM
ALFT-110152600L, GPI 12V M150SA,
Auto Noz, 49LPM

Diesel Electric Pump Kit

Economy kit includes electric pump, 4m x 3/4” anti static fuel outlet hose, 2 metres of electric cable and clamps, aluminium manual nozzle, filter/strainer & connections.
ALFP-11016012V, 50LPM
ALFP-11016124V, 50LPM

Intelligent Tank Pump

Pump body in cast iron with anticorrosion treatment. Vane type pump with sintered steel rotor and acetalic resin vanes. IN/OUT with hose tail connection, flexible for different customised solutions. DC brushes motor with permanent magnets. Protection IP55. C
ALFP-11017012V 40LPM
ALFP-11017124V 60LPM

Spring Rewind Grease Hose Reel

Automatic and positive latching mechanism. Working pressure of 5,000psi (345bar) 1/4” BSP(f) inlet & outlet. High flow swivel and fluid path.
ALHR-1100701/4″ (6mm) Hose x 10m

Spring Rewind Oil Delivery Hose Reel

Impact resistant UV stabilised covers for maximum durability. Automatic and positive latching mechanism. Working pressure of 2,000psi (138bar). 1/2” BSP(f) inlet & outlet.
ALHR-1100801/2″ (12mm) Hose x 10m

Auto Shut Off Diesel Nozzle

Auto shutoff nozzle for petrol with slimline spout to suit ULP tank inlets
ALFN-1100901″ (25mm) BSP 60LPM
ALFN-1100911″ (25mm) BSP 60LPM
ALFN-1100921″ (25mm) BSP 120LPM

Lockable Diesel Refuelling Storage & Dispensing Kit

Lockable lid aids fuel and dispensing kit security. Dispensing kit consists of a 12V pump, antistatic fuel delivery hose, 2 metre battery cables and auto shut off nozzle.

Manual Diesel Fuel Nozzle 80LPM

Strong aluminium construction. Equipped with an integrated swivel connector.
ALFN-1101001″ (25mm) BSP

Concrete Truck Slump Gun Nozzle

Cast aluminium nozzle body with Steel handle and trigger. Maximum pressure rating of 100psi
ALFN-1101101″ (25mm) 

Dual Plane Swivel

Dual Plane model provides a full 360 degree spherical rotation for free movement of nozzle.
ALHS-1101203/4″ Male BSP
x 3/4″ Female BSP
ALHS-1101211″ Male BSP
x 1″ Female BSP