Travis Fittings

female travis fitting seals

Female Travis Fitting Seal.
TFFS-0753″ (75mm) 
TFFS-1004″ (100mm) 
TFFS-1255″ (125mm) 
TFFS-1506″ (150mm) 
TFFS-2008″ (200mm) 

galvanised male travis fitting caps

Galvanised Male Travis Fitting Caps.
TFCAP-0753″ (75mm) 
TFCAP-1004″ (100mm) 
TFCAP-1255″ (125mm) 
TFCAP-1506″ (150mm) 
TFCAP-2008″ (200mm) 

female galvanised travis fitting reducer

Galvanised Travis Fitting Reducer.
TFRED-10004″ (100mm) Male x 3″ (75mm) 
TFRED-10015″ (125mm) Male x 3″ (75mm) 
TFRED-10025″ (125mm) Male x 4″ (100mm) 
TFRED-10035″ (125mm) Male x 6″ (150mm) 
TFRED-10046″ (150mm) Male x 3″ (75mm) 
TFRED-10056″ (150mm) Male x 4″ (100mm) 
TFRED-10068″ (200mm) Male x 6″ (150mm) 

galvanised travis fitting y-piece

Galvanised Travis Fitting Y-Piece.
TFYF-10756″ (150mm) Male x 3″ (75mm) 
TFYF-10006″ (150mm) Male x 4″ (100mm) 
TFYF-10018″ (200mm) Male x 4″ (100mm) 
TFYF-10028″ (200mm) Male x 6″ (150mm) 

galvanised male travis fitting with hose spigot

Galvanised Male Travis Fitting with Hose Spigot.
TFMG-0753″ (75mm) 
TFMG-1004″ (100mm) 
TFMG-1255″ (125mm) 
TFMG-1506″ (150mm) 
TFMG-2008″ (200mm) 

galvanised female travis fitting with hose spigot

Galvanised Female Travis Fitting with Hose Spigot. Also available in available in Stainless Steel & Brass
TFFG-0753″ (75mm) 
TFFG-1004″ (100mm) 
TFFG-1255″ (125mm) 
TFFG-1506″ (150mm) 
TFFG-2008″ (200mm) 

heavy duty travis fitting clamps

Heavy Duty Travis Fitting Clamp.
TFCG-0753″ (75mm) 
TFCG-1004″ (100mm) 
TFCG-1255″ (125mm) 
TFCG-1506″ (150mm) 
TFCG-2008″ (200mm) 

male travis fitting seals

Male Travis Fitting Seal.
TFMS-0753″ (75mm)
TFMS-1004″ (100mm)
TFMS-1255″ (125mm)
TFMS-1506″ (150mm)
TFMS-2008″ (200mm)

galvanised travis fitting set

Galvanised Travis Fitting Set.
TFSG-0753″ (75mm) 
TFSG-1004″ (100mm) 
TFSG-1255″ (125mm) 
TFSG-1506″ (150mm) 
TFSG-2008″ (200mm)