Poly Fittings

Metric Poly Compression Coupling

PPMCC-11010016mm x 16mm 
PPMCC-11010120mm x 20mm 
PPMCC-11010225mm x 25mm 
PPMCC-11010332mm x 32mm 
PPMCC-11010440mm x 40mm 
PPMCC-11010550mm x 50mm 
PPMCC-11010663mm x 63mm 
PPMCC-11010775mm x 75mm 
PPMCC-11010890mm x 90mm 
PPMCC-110109110mm x 110mm 
PPMCC-110110125mm x 125mm 
PPMCC-110111160mm x 160mm 

Reducing Metric Poly Compression Coupling

PPMCC-11020020mm x 16mm 
PPMCC-11020125mm x 16mm 
PPMCC-11020225mm x 20mm 
PPMCC-11020332mm x 20mm 
PPMCC-11020432mm x 25mm 
PPMCC-11020540mm x 25mm 
PPMCC-11020640mm x 32mm 
PPMCC-11020750mm x 25mm 
PPMCC-11020850mm x 32mm 
PPMCC-11020950mm x 40mm 
PPMCC-11021063mm x 25mm 
PPMCC-11021163mm x 32mm 
PPMCC-11021263mm x 40mm 
PPMCC-11021363mm x 50mm 
PPMCC-11021475mm x 50mm 
PPMCC-11021575mm x 63mm 
PPMCC-11021690mm x 63mm 
PPMCC-11021790mm x 75mm 
PPMCC-110218110mm x 63mm 
PPMCC-110219110mm x 90mm 

Metric Poly Compression Male BSP Adaptor

PPMCC-11030016mm x 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11030116mm x 3/4″ 
PPMCC-11030220mm x 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11030320mm x 3/4″ 
PPMCC-11030420mm x 1″ 
PPMCC-11030525mm x 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11030625mm x 3/4″ 
PPMCC-11030725mm x 1″ 
PPMCC-11030832mm x 3/4″ 
PPMCC-11030932mm x 1″ 
PPMCC-11031032mm x 1 1/4″ 
PPMCC-11031132mm x 1 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11031240mm x 1″ 
PPMCC-11031340mm x 1 1/4″ 
PPMCC-11031440mm x 1 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11031540mm x 2″ 
PPMCC-11031650mm x 1″ 
PPMCC-11031750mm x 1 1/4″ 
PPMCC-11031850mm x 1 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11031950mm x 2″ 
PPMCC-11032063mm x 1 1/4″ 
PPMCC-11032163mm x 1 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11032263mm x 2″ 
PPMCC-11032363mm x 2 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11032475mm x 2″ 
PPMCC-11032575mm x 2 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11032675mm x 3″ 
PPMCC-11032790mm x 2″ 
PPMCC-11032890mm x 2 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11032990mm x 3″ 
PPMCC-11033090mm x 4″ 
PPMCC-110331110mm x 2″ 
PPMCC-110332110mm x 3″ 
PPMCC-110333110mm x 4″ 

Metric Poly Compression Female BSP Adaptor

PPMCC-11040016mm x 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11040116mm x 3/4″ 
PPMCC-11040220mm x 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11040320mm x 3/4″ 
PPMCC-11040420mm x 1″ 
PPMCC-11040525mm x 3/4″ 
PPMCC-11040625mm x 1″ 
PPMCC-11040732mm x 3/4″ 
PPMCC-11040832mm x 1″ 
PPMCC-11040932mm x 1 1/4″ 
PPMCC-11041040mm x 1″ 
PPMCC-11041140mm x 1 1/4″ 
PPMCC-11041240mm x 1 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11041350mm x 1 1/4″ 
PPMCC-11041450mm x 1 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11041550mm x 2″ 
PPMCC-11041663mm x 1 1/4″ 
PPMCC-11041763mm x 1 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11041863mm x 2″ 
PPMCC-11041975mm x 2″ 
PPMCC-11042075mm x 2 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11042190mm x 2″ 
PPMCC-11042290mm x 3″ 
PPMCC-11042390mm x 4″ 
PPMCC-110424110mm x 3″ 
PPMCC-110425110mm x 4″ 

Metric Poly 90 Deg Elbow Compression Coupling

PPMCC-11050016mm x 16mm 
PPMCC-11050120mm x 20mm 
PPMCC-11050225mm x 25mm 
PPMCC-11050332mm x 32mm 
PPMCC-11050440mm x 40mm 
PPMCC-11050550mm x 50mm 
PPMCC-11050663mm x 63mm 
PPMCC-11050775mm x 75mm 
PPMCC-11050890mm x 90mm 
PPMCC-110509110mm x 110mm 
PPMCC-110510160mm x 160mm 

Metric Poly 90 Deg Elbow Compression Male BSP

PPMCC-11060020mm x 1/2″  
PPMCC-11060120mm x 3/4″  
PPMCC-11060225mm x 1/2″  
PPMCC-11060325mm x 3/4″  
PPMCC-11060425mm x 1″  
PPMCC-11060532mm x 3/4″  
PPMCC-11060632mm x 1″  
PPMCC-11060732mm x 1 1/4″  
PPMCC-11060840mm x 1″  
PPMCC-11060940mm x 1 1/4″  
PPMCC-11061040mm x 1 1/2″  
PPMCC-11061150mm x 1″  
PPMCC-11061250mm x 1 1/4″  
PPMCC-11061350mm x 1 1/2″  
PPMCC-11061450mm x 2″  
PPMCC-11061563mm x 1 1/4″  
PPMCC-11061663mm x 1 1/2″  
PPMCC-11061763mm x 2″  
PPMCC-11061875mm x 2 1/2″  
PPMCC-11061975mm x 3″  
PPMCC-11062090mm x 3″  
PPMCC-110621110mm x 4″  

Metric Poly 90 Deg Elbow Compression Female BSP

PPMCC-11070016mm x 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11070120mm x 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11070220mm x 3/4″ 
PPMCC-11070325mm x 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11070425mm x 3/4″ 
PPMCC-11070525mm x 1″ 
PPMCC-11070632mm x 3/4″ 
PPMCC-11070732mm x 1″ 
PPMCC-11070832mm x 1 1/4″ 
PPMCC-11070940mm x 1″ 
PPMCC-11071040mm x 1 1/4″ 
PPMCC-11071140mm x 1 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11071240mm x 2″ 
PPMCC-11071350mm x 1″ 
PPMCC-11071450mm x 1 1/4″ 
PPMCC-11071550mm x 1 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11071650mm x 2″ 
PPMCC-11071763mm x 1 1/4″ 
PPMCC-11071863mm x 1 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11071963mm x 2″ 
PPMCC-11072075mm x 2″ 
PPMCC-11072175mm x 2 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11072275mm x 3″ 

Metric Poly 45 Deg Elbow Compression Coupling

PPMCC-11080032mm x 32mm 
PPMCC-11080140mm x 40mm 
PPMCC-11080250mm x 50mm 
PPMCC-11080363mm x 63mm 
PPMCC-11080475mm x 75mm 
PPMCC-11080590mm x 90mm 
PPMCC-110806110mm x 110mm 

Metric Poly Tee Compression Coupling


Reducing Metric Poly Tee Compression Coupling

PPMCC-11100020mm x 16mm 
PPMCC-11100125mm x 20mm 
PPMCC-11100225mm x 32mm 
PPMCC-11100332mm x 25mm 
PPMCC-11100440mm x 25mm 
PPMCC-11100540mm x 32mm 
PPMCC-11100650mm x 25mm 
PPMCC-11100750mm x 32mm 
PPMCC-11100850mm x 40mm 
PPMCC-11100963mm x 32mm 
PPMCC-11101063mm x 40mm 
PPMCC-11101163mm x 50mm 
PPMCC-11101275mm x 63mm 
PPMCC-111013110mm x 63mm 

Metric Poly Compression Coupling to Table E Flange

PPMCC-11160050mm x 1 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11160150mm x 2″ 
PPMCC-11160263mm x 2″ 
PPMCC-11160375mm x 2 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11160490mm x 4″ 
PPMCC-111605110mm x 4″ 
PPMCC-111606125mm x 5″ 
PPMCC-111607125mm x 6″ 
PPMCC-111608160mm x 5″ 
PPMCC-111609160mm x 6″ 

Metric Poly Compression Coupling Wrench

PPMCC-11170016 – 40mm 
PPMCC-11170140 – 75mm 
PPMCC-11170263 – 125mm 

Metric Poly Pipe Chamfer Tool

PPMCC-111800Metric Poly Pipe Chamfer Tool
PPMCC-111801Blades to suit Chamfer Tool

Metric Poly Tapping Saddle with Female BSP Thread

PPMCC-11190020mm x 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11190125mm x 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11190225mm x 3/4″ 
PPMCC-11190332mm x 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11190432mm x 3/4″ 
PPMCC-11190532mm x 1″ 
PPMCC-11190640mm x 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11190740mm x 3/4″ 
PPMCC-11190840mm x 1″ 
PPMCC-11190950mm x 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11191050mm x 3/4″ 
PPMCC-11191150mm x 1″ 
PPMCC-11191250mm x 1 1/4″ 
PPMCC-11191363mm x 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11191463mm x 3/4″ 
PPMCC-11191563mm x 1″ 
PPMCC-11191663mm x 1 1/4″ 
PPMCC-11191763mm x 1 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11191875mm x 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11191975mm x 3/4″ 
PPMCC-11192075mm x 1″ 
PPMCC-11192175mm x 1 1/4″ 
PPMCC-11192275mm x 1 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11192375mm x 2″ 
PPMCC-11192490mm x 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11192590mm x 3/4″ 
PPMCC-11192690mm x 1″ 
PPMCC-11192790mm x 1 1/4″ 
PPMCC-11192890mm x 1 1/2″ 
PPMCC-11192990mm x 2″ 
PPMCC-111930110mm x 1/2″ 
PPMCC-111931110mm x 3/4″ 
PPMCC-111932110mm x 1″ 
PPMCC-111933110mm x 1 1/4″ 
PPMCC-111934110mm x 1 1/2″ 
PPMCC-111935110mm x 2″ 
PPMCC-111936125mm x 3/4″ 
PPMCC-111937125mm x 1″ 
PPMCC-111938125mm x 1 1/4″ 
PPMCC-111939125mm x 1 1/2″ 
PPMCC-111940125mm x 2″ 
PPMCC-111941140mm x 1″ 
PPMCC-111942140mm x 1 1/4″ 
PPMCC-111943140mm x 1 1/2″ 
PPMCC-111944140mm x 2″ 
PPMCC-111945160mm x 1″ 
PPMCC-111946160mm x 1 1/4″ 
PPMCC-111947160mm x 1 1/2″ 
PPMCC-111948160mm x 2″ 
PPMCC-111949180mm x 1″ 
PPMCC-111950180mm x 1 1/4″ 
PPMCC-111951180mm x 1 1/2″ 
PPMCC-111952180mm x 2″ 

Black Poly Pipe PN10

PPMBB-11200016mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11200120mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11200225mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11200332mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11200440mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11200550mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11200663mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11200775mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11200890mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112009110mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112010125mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112011140mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112012160mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112013180mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112014200mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112015225mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112016315mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112017355mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112018400mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112019450mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112020500mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112021560mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112022630mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112023710mm O.D. 

Black Poly Pipe PN12.5

PPMBB-11210016mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11210120mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11210225mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11210332mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11210440mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11210550mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11210663mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11210775mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11210890mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112109110mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112110125mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112111140mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112112160mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112113180mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112114200mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112115225mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112116315mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112117355mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112118400mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112119450mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112120500mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112121560mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112122630mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112123710mm O.D. 

Black Poly Pipe PN16

PPMBB-11220016mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11220120mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11220225mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11220332mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11220440mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11220550mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11220663mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11220775mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11220890mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112209110mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112210125mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112211140mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112212160mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112213180mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112214200mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112215225mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112216315mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112217355mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112218400mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112219450mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112220500mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112221560mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112222630mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112223710mm O.D. 

Black Poly Pipe PN20

PPMBB-11230016mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11230120mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11230225mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11230332mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11230440mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11230550mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11230663mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11230775mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11230890mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112309110mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112310125mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112311140mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112312160mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112313180mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112314200mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112315225mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112316315mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112317355mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112318400mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112319450mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112320500mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112321560mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112322630mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112323710mm O.D. 

Black Poly Pipe PN25

PPMBB-11240016mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11240120mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11240225mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11240332mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11240440mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11240550mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11240663mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11240775mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11240890mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112409110mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112410125mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112411140mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112412160mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112413180mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112414200mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112415225mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112416315mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112417355mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112418400mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112419450mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112420500mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112421560mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112422630mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112423710mm O.D. 

Blue Line Poly Pipe PN10

PPMBB-11250016mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11250120mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11250225mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11250332mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11250440mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11250550mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11250663mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11250775mm O.D. 
PPMBB-11250890mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112509110mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112510125mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112511140mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112512160mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112513180mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112514200mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112515225mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112516315mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112517355mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112518400mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112519450mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112520500mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112521560mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112522630mm O.D. 
PPMBB-112523710mm O.D.