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Rotojet 255 Turbo Nozzles & Vega Tuff Hydro Excavation Wand Trigger with Swivel for a Hydro Excavation company in Brisbane.
A batch to K1 Unloader Valves heading to a civil construction company is Sydney’s west for installation on hydro-excavation units. We offer a complete range of Brass and Stainless Steel Unloader Valves for a large range of pressures and applications.
Fox Global specialise in a complete range of quick connect couplings are commonly used in hydro excavation, pressure cleaning, washdown and drain cleaning applications.
At Fox Global we offer complete Hose Kits solutions. providing hoses fully assembled and ready for use – Saving you time and money onsite.
1/2″ BSP Inlet & Outlet the RL84 Italian Made PA Ultra High Pressure range of Guns are ideal for Industrial Services applications. These high performance spray guns are available with shoulder rest and lance grip to added operator control. The RL84 is suitable for temperatures up to 100C and 80L/min at 7250psi.
Fox Global specialise in a complete range of Linear (Straight) and Pistol Grip Style Hand Guns to suit Hydro-Excavation & High Pressure Water Applications.
Our range of hose reels can handle a range of sizes and lengths, we also offer Spring Rewind, Electric, Pneumatic and Hydraulic rewind options.
Fox Global carry a complete range of Turbo Nozzles, Unloader Valves, Hose Reels, High Pressure Hose and Hand Lances to suit Hydro-Excavation & Vacuum Trucks.
Travis Fittings & Camlock Adaptors for all vacuum truck & hydro excavation requirements.
Unloader Valves, Turbo Nozzles, High Pressure Hoses, Hose Reels & More – Complete Hydro Excavation & Drain Cleaning Solutions.

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