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Another batch of 1” (25mm) Yellow Blue Stripe PVC Delivery Hose assemblies heading out the door in 20meter lengths fitted with Type A Claw Fittings.
A couple of 2″ (50mm) Yellow Air Compressor Bull Hoses heading out to a drilling contractor in North Queensland.
1” x 20meter PVC Pressure Hose Kits fitted with Claw Couplings for grout delivery on a Brisbane Civil Site.
PVC Suction and Delivery Hose solutions heading out the door and around the country.
A pallet of the popular 1” Yellow Rubber x 20m Hose Kits fitted with Claw Couplings heading out to site.
Compressed air is not just ordinary air. It is a concentrated stream of high-pressurized air that can cause serious harm or injury. In cases where compressed air is blown in under the skin, an embolism can occur and lead to fatality.
Our assembly range covers pressures up to 2000psi and a large range of fittings from Claw Fittings, Ground Joints, BSP, JIC and NPT Threads. Assemblies available complete with Wire Restraints, Tagged and Tested for ultimate site safety.
Air is used in many day to day applications and can be one of the most hazardous forms of energy.

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